Relationship Advice: 3 Dating Tips for Guys



There are many different types of relationships and different types of guys. There are the playboys, the bad boys, Mr. Nice Guy and the he's just a friend guy. Then there is the Mr. Right Guy. Not all men want to be him. Many would rather play the role of the others listed above, but for those of you interested in being Mr. Right, this is the article for you.


There really is very little rhyme or reason to success at the dating game. It doesn't matter if you find it stressful, invigorating, or horrible, you're never going to find your soul mate unless you get off the bench and join in. men, you absolutely must date women if you're ever going to find the one that best suits you. With that said, here is some useful advice for you. Successful dating can be divided into the five most important tips about dating women. Here they are.


Understanding how to tell if a guy wants to get in your pants will help you weed out the players from the men who are interested in something more meaningful and lasting. Learn the signs of a man who is strictly interested in only intimacy.